A beginner’s guide to SEO

The world is in your palm, evolving of the new technology brings a lot of competition in the business world. The era of online business has created lots of opportunities in the past few years. The concept of physical business is dying because it costs you a lot as compared to the online business. Even women have stepped into the online business and are running it successfully. But one thing you got to remember is, you will find a lot of people already running their business in the same field. Now comes the SEO, since every business has a separate website, to rank a website on the first page of Google search page, Google introduced a method called SEO through which you can rank your website.

 Below described are the practices to rank your website:

Using Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a tool that displays all the information on your website. You must be able to understand it well to change and work according to the results that are shown in the analytics. It can also be used to target your audience. Some of the metrics which can be derived from Google Analytics are:

  • Which browser your audience is using: This tells you that the browser is mostly used by your customers. This helps you to improve their experience by making changes in your web design to look better on that particular browser.
  • Devices used to visit your website: same as the browser, you also get the information about the devices that are used to view your website be it mobile, laptop, desktop, tablets, etc. Through this information, you can make your website more attractive for every device.
  • Referral links: Google Analytics provides you the information about where your viewers are coming from. It can be from social media or other websites where you have put your links.

Make changes to the pages:

You got to figure out the pages which are not performing or check which particular pages s not viewing people, so you need to identify the main key issues not viewing. The main issues could be the content is not keyword-based, the content may be not interesting or knowledgeable for the audience, etc. After addressing these issues, you got to market your content by posting your link on social media sites or any other site to reach more traffic and see the results.

Selection of keywords:

  Your keyword is the main key on which your website will be ranked. You got to select two to three keywords on every page. It helps to rank your website. You can never rank more than three words on a single page. Keyword selection is one of the most important factors on which your ranking is based. If your website is new, then select long-tail keywords such as SEO Services California. The keyword is not only for ranking your pages or site. It is also used for content writing. When you write a blog that is SEO-based, then you got to select a keyword on which your content will be written on.

Creation of backlinks:

  First of all, you need to understand that there are two types of links DO-follow and NO-follow links. The difference between them is DO-follow link is given more priority by Google as compared to the NO-follow link. DO-follow is also easily indexed and cached by Google. The ratio between these two is 80 (DO-follow):20 (NO-follow). Now let’s jump into the strategies and types of backlinks. There are many ways of creating backlinks which are mentioned below:

* Write an article:

You can create a backlink by writing an article on any popular website which permits you to write an article for them. The content you write has to be keyword-based, related to your niche, unique and plagiarism-free, must be informative for the reader and must not be less than 300 words.

* Classified ads:

There are many sites where you can publish your business ads. It requires the contact info of your business and your company’s link. So whoever visits that website may come to your website as well which will increase your traffic.

* Guest post:

The guest post is almost the same as the article but the words count is pretty much higher than the article. For publishing a guest post on a website, you must read the criteria so that you can write accordingly. You also need to ask them for publishing your guest post through email which is mentioned on the contact info page.


The steps which are mentioned above are the basics of SEO ranking. Through these techniques, you can get an overview of how SEO works. If you want to start at any region like SEO Agency California. You must have the basic knowledge of how SEO is executed practically. 

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