Buddha Paintings- Create a Great & Charismatic Environment at Your Home!

From ancient times, Lord Buddha’s wall arts are perfectly known as prosperity, wealth, success, and peace. According to both Buddhists & Hindus, the presence of Lord Buddha’s painting at home is auspicious and spiritual. However, paintings are a unique and important part of your decoration at home. 

As per Vastu Shastra, religious paintings like Lord Buddha help to promote happiness, joy, and silence in your life. Plus, these wall arts are well known for better fortune and prosperity in-home or workplace. At your office, you can create a positive ambiance in your cabin, meeting room, conference hall, etc. Let’s read more interesting things about Lord Buddha’s painting!

Why People are using Buddha Painting at Home or Workplace?

In the meantime, people are too crazy about religious painting. In this pandemic period, people want to seek blessings from God at home. That is why Buddha wall painting is the best alternative in such conditions. Here are some other reasons behind the popularity of Buddha painting:

  • As per Vastu Shastra, the painting of Lord Buddha is directly related to the Chi energy in the house and office. 
  • With the presence of Chi energy in the atmosphere, you can easily maintain the balance of joy, harmony, and wealth.
  • Also, Buddha’s painting is a perfect way to describe bliss and innocence at your home and office.
  • By hanging these Lord Buddha paintings, your premises will be protected from negative energy, regret, and stress.
  • At your workplace, these Buddha paintings will help you to decrease stress and give proper relaxation to your mind. 
  • The presence of Lord Buddha will give you the power to overcome several problems easily.

Where to Place Buddha Painting?

The best painting always looks perfect in the right location. First of all, it is a religious painting and you should know the exact location to hang these wall arts. According to Vastu Shastra, you have to choose a preferred location like:

  • It is important to avoid the basement area or below the staircase. These areas are not suitable for religious Buddha paintings.
  • You should place the Buddha painting in the best location where everyone can notice it. In this way, you can show more respect and love towards the Lord Buddha. Also, positive vibes will surround the entire atmosphere.
  • Use a study room to place Buddha paintings. It helps to achieve psychological and emotional happiness in your life.
  • Place the Buddha painting just opposite the main/entrance gate of your house and office. It will protect your house and office from harmful intruders and evil eyes. The image of Lord Buddha is enough to seek blessings and happiness in your home.
  • In your home, the living room and Puja Ghar is the best location to place Buddha paintings. At your workplace, reception is an ideal place to bring peace, prosperity, harmony, and success to your life.

Different Types of Lord Buddha Paintings!

To adorn your house/office, Lord Buddha’s painting is a great option. Along with blessings, you can also make your premises auspicious, decorative, and attractive. Plus, several types of designs are available with Buddha painting like:

  • Buddha big wall painting
  • Buddha DIY painting
  • Buddha panel painting
  • Buddha canvas painting
  • Buddha abstract design painting
  • Buddha acrylic and oil painting
  • Buddha panoramic painting
  • Buddha face painting
  • Framed Buddha painting
  • Buddha religious wall painting

Which Buddha Painting is Suitable for You?

According to Vastu Shastra, each Buddha painting is best, suitable, and perfect for your home. You don’t need to worry because these paintings are available in awesome designs. But, still, it is your home and you have to choose the perfect wall art for decoration. Here are some important tips to choose the best Buddha painting:

  • The most important thing in painting is design. So, make sure that the design should be auspicious, hilarious, wonderful, and attractive.
  • Another important thing is the theme. Your mind should be set on the theme of a painting. You can choose religious, nature, abstract, panoramic, etc.
  • Afterward, use your mind and choose the best color for the painting. Color also plays an important role to give the attractive look to your wall. Go with your favorite color like yellow, white, black, red, blue, etc.
  • Choose the perfect shape for your painting. The shape should be attractive and suitable as per your wall. Buddha wall painting is available in circular, rectangular, square, landscape, portrait, etc.

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