Home Remedies for Constipation

One of the home remedies for constipation is moving smoothie comprising 30mls or (1 1/4 fl oz) aloe vera juice, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 inch pieces of fresh dandelion root, 2 teaspoons fresh thyme, peppermint leaves, marigold (calendula) flowers, flax seeds, 250 ml (9fl oz) yogurt and a five slices of fresh ginger.

How To Prepare Moving Smoothie To Relieve Constipation.

The ingredients above form one serving of moving smoothie, and these are put in a blender to sort of liquidize them. After preparation you can drink the smoothie to relieve constipation.

How the Ingredients of Moving Smoothie Work in Relieving Constipation.

Aloe vera is rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids, enzymes and other ingredients that help keep bowels regular. Garlic, thyme, marigold and live yogurt will act as antibiotics or probiotics. Probiotics will help to re establish the normal bacterial balance in the alimentary canal and stomach.

Constipation Home Remedies

If you have constipation and are looking for constipation home remedies to help you get rid of constipation, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find the information and resources you need to stop constipation and prevent constipation from ever bothering you again.

Constipation is a condition of the digestive system where a person (or other animal) experiences hard feces that is difficult to eliminate. It may be extremely painful, and in extreme cases (fecal impaction) lead to symptoms of bowel obstruction.

There are several home remedies available for treating constipation problem.

Enemas might help to soften stool, as well as stimulate defecation. Suppositories work by causing the colon to contract and push the stool out, while also softening it so it passes more easily.

Laxatives come in several forms, including tablets, gums, liquids, powders, and as granules. Laxatives should not be used over a long period, as your body can become dependent on them.

There are herbal remedies and natural colon cleansing products available that can help restore function in the digestive and intestinal tract.

A few common-sense lifestyle changes, including eating high-fiber foods, getting regular exercise and drinking plenty of water, can go a long way toward preventing or getting rid of many cases of constipation.

It is important that you eat a healthy diet that consists of foods that help your digestive system to work properly. Get into the habit of moving around much and drink adequate amounts of fluid.

It is also important that you talk to your doctor if you are experiencing the uncomfortable symptoms of constipation.

Constipation is certainly nothing new but you shouldn’t have to continue to endure all the inconveniences by this physical condition.

You can learn more about constipation home remedies and discover various resources that can help you get rid of constipation.

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