What Are The Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification in 2021?

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In the first five years of Microsoft Dynamics GP, many customers asked me about the benefits of Microsoft certification. Today, as the largest financial institution in Canada, we are at the center of changing our Microsoft Dynamics GP architecture to a more modular approach and moving our customers into the new platform. We are now delivering a hosted software solution that brings together the core components of Dynamics GP, including our customized data, applications, and communication infrastructure, while taking advantage of new capabilities to deliver new, automated capabilities that improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

So, what are the key benefits of Microsoft certification in 2021? In the new year, we will be focusing on two primary areas: New Tools for Marketing and Improving Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer Experience. These two key areas represent the enormous opportunity for Microsoft certification development in the future. Both of these endeavors will leverage our in-house certification team as we bring the latest technologies and techniques to the table.

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Let’s look at marketing first. Microsoft is in the lucrative field of digital product marketing/advertising, and this is an area we have had success developing new capabilities over the past two decades. We have developed new marketing tools, new advertising formats, and even brand-new tracking capabilities. When we bring these in-house capabilities into the accounting side of Dynamics GP, we can more efficiently promote and sell new products to customers while also improving our overall marketing performance and reducing marketing costs.

In the accounting side of the business, there are some new opportunities for getting closer to and engaging with our customers. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 MB-910 Questions Dumps, we can now integrate with Salesforce. Using Microsoft Dynamics GP Accounts, we can more tightly connect with Sales and Service staff to better assist them in the day-to-day running of the business. These new interactions can reduce call-backs and increase customer satisfaction, which leads to increased customer loyalty.


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Besides, several new capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics GP will improve our on-demand provisioning capabilities. For example, we now have integrated capabilities for provisioning new hardware based on customer requirements. It is excellent for companies that may not always be available to help with hardware installation. It also reduces downtime for your company which improves customer retention. Another great thing about utilizing on-demand provisioning is that it enables you to make the most of your on-site or remote servers without the expense of additional hardware.

Some new technology improvements should be considered. One is the introduction of SharePoint and eConnect for business. SharePoint allows you to connect and engage your customers with rich data, including rich media, such as photos and videos. On the other hand, eConnect gives your IT department the ability to connect with your external network, Windows Exchange Server, and other applications to enable and improve connectivity.

Final Words

With the introduction of these new technologies, you will enjoy several new opportunities in business. One opportunity that is specially enhanced with the inclusion of SharePoint and eConnect is business process integration. You can use these two technologies to better coordinate between your internal business processes and external business processes. For example, if you have several departments that need to be synchronized, you can utilize these two technologies to simplify things on your business team.

So there are many benefits of Microsoft certification in 2021. The subsequent certificates available will focus on the technology available with Windows 10 Mobile. This technology will enable Windows Mobile devices to access the same information and share the same information as a PC. It will allow employees to perform tasks previously only available to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It will also enable your employees to access the latest apps and get the most from their mobile devices.

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