Why does my MSRM US302 Extender keep disconnecting?

The problem of turning dead zones into fun zones has been fixed by means of a range extender, which raises the existing WiFi signals by 30 percent. Extenders from MSRM US302 Extender  the signal from your main router and provide uninterrupted internet access to all your wired and wireless devices in locations with spotty service.

At times, the advanced capabilities of the MSRM US302 Extender can spin people around. In reality, MSRM US302 Extender  constantly disconnecting is one of the most common issues encountered, but other typical issues include not being able to connect to the Internet at all, and fluctuating signal strength.

There is no need to panic if you’re unhappy with the same situation. I completely understand your hesitation. That is why we have created this step-by-step guide to assist you rectify the problem with simplicity. Here we go!

communicate with the correct network name

If you’ve set up a new MSRM US302 Extender , your new extended WiFi network name will be provided by the extender. It’s possible that the new network will have a different SSID than the previous one. When you are connecting your devices to the previous WiFi network, chances are that you are actually connecting to the new one. Keeps on disconnecting from the MSRM US302 Extender  can occur. It follows, however, to resolve the problem, connect exclusively to the extender’s network name.

 MSRM US302 Extender  gets properly power cycled

If the MSRM US302 Extender  is continually disconnecting, a simple power cycle operation might possibly cure the problem. The quickest way to solve this problem is to unplug your MSRM US302 Extender  from the power outlet and then plug it back in.

MSRM US302 Extender  needs to be placed away from interference.

If you’re having the difficulty, look to see if your MSRM US302 Extender  is in the proper spot. The MSRM US302 Extender should not be placed near devices that generate interference in the path of the WiFi signals that are sent by the extender. As well as if you set your device next to walls made of concrete or other dense material, you will not be able to acquire a constant internet signal. Therefore, moving your device and addressing the extender problems will persist.

Updating the firmware on your MSRM US302 Extender  is a good idea.

Firmware is preinstalled with the MSRM US302 Extender setup . However, the programme is susceptible to becoming outdated over time, and hence can be the source of the problem. Also, make sure your extender’s firmware is up-to-date. To check the newest firmware version, go to mywifiext. Even if there is newer firmware available, use the on-screen directions to upgrade the firmware.

Make your MSRM US302 Extender  ready to use again.

To help you troubleshoot your MSRM US302 Extender , you may need to reset the extender’s settings. The MSRM US302 Extender  comes preconfigured to your liking, thus restarting it will remove all the settings you customised when putting it up for the first time. For this reason, it’s highly recommended to write down the modifications to the network settings before proceeding with the MSRM US302 Extender  reset process.

As a result, to reset the MSRM US302 Extender  is necessary.

Use a little, thin item.

Place it in theMSRM US302 Extender reset hole.

Don’t press too hard on the reset hole.

How do i Log into MSRM US302 Extender  

You must complete the setup before beginning the login process. In order to connect the devices, follow the below steps:

An MSRM US302 Extender must be placed in an acceptable location.

Once you’ve finished connecting your computer to the range extender with an Ethernet connection, then connect it to the Wi-Fi router with an Ethernet cable.

Extend the MSRM US302 with the MSRM US302 Extender plugged into a power outlet, and then turn it on.

Next, you should then connect your MSRM US302 Extender to the wireless network.

Please launch a web browser and enter the default URL in the address bar. For example, if you’re starting at the https:// extender, your address should be ap.setup

If you’re having difficulty with the MSRM US302 Extender login page, you may want to use the alternative login IP address instead. MSRM US302 Extender has a default IP address of

If you want to use your username and password to login, click ‘Login’ on the login screen.

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