Top 7 Virtual Award Show Platform

The virtual event industry is flourishing! We all understand that virtual venues hold an immense scope in the future. That is why several tools are being introduced in the market every day that claim to organize virtual events.

Regarding virtual award shows, you need to make a decisive choice in deciding your virtual event platform. Make sure that the platform you choose can meet all your business needs, host an engaging event, and recreate the experiences of on-site events.

Hence, this is why we’ve curated the top 7 virtual award show platforms that you can employ for hosting your next online award shows;


Since its launch in 2014, Eventcube has been a great contender to the already existing event platforms. With the increasing demand for virtual venue partners, Evenctcube has advanced broadly on expanding its feature set. 

Eventcube’s platform is identified for hosting remarkable conferences, award shows, live performances, and many more with exceptional interactivity. With numerous networking rooms, breakout sessions, live streaming, and one-to-one messaging Eventcube’s virtual platform boost participation of attendees residing in different parts of the world.

For organizers seeking a simple setup, Eventcube offers an option for the same. Eventcube’s Broadcast product provides self-service, stripped-back ticketed video streaming created for comfortable use and enhanced results.

Also, it is a convenient choice for many because of its excellent customer support service. Their mindful team is always available to respond to inquiries, and their technical expertise is amazing.


Dreamcast is your one-stop virtual venue partner to notch up the level of online award shows. Right from creating an impressive landing page, promoting engagement and networking, to immersive graphics and a 3D environment, they have all the latest tools to make your event a success.

Dreamcast realizes that at virtual award shows, you cannot simply jump into each other. Hence, this is why they have the feature of AI matchmaking to let like-minded people seamlessly connect and begin meaningful interactions. Most of the attendees present in a virtual event often look for networking opportunities. AI matchmaking is an excellent feature to develop your networking strategy and increase the number of qualified lead conversions.

For any unexpected error, Dreamcast has a team of skillful people who can troubleshoot any sort of technical or connectivity issues. They also perform thorough system checks and a test rehearsal before the D-day to avoid any glitches. 


Airmeet is recognized as an excellent virtual event platform that is filled with extensive sponsorship and networking features. If you wish to host a virtual award show with a wide range of audiences, Airmeet has come to your rescue. With great chat, speed networking, and virtual networking tables, your attendees will stay involved and hooked throughout the event. 

They also have a user-friendly interface to make it convenient for the attendees to navigate to different virtual booths or conventional halls.

Since the attendees will be spending most of their time on the platform itself during the event, you need to deliver smooth and seamless experiences.

Airmeet’s virtual venue can host virtual events with approximately 100k participants and up to 300 sponsors on their platform.


Accelevents is a popular virtual events platform that enables organizers and marketing experts to build meaningful human connections, a loyal community and encourage sustainable growth. 

They can seamlessly organize keynote talks, various breakout sessions, live polls, quizzes, live chats to promote engagement and networking with the virtual award show.

Some important features that Accelevents include to make your online award show a success are: 

  • Ticketing & Registration
  • Customization 
  • Live Streaming
  • Attendee Engagement
  • Significant Analytic Reports
  • Virtual Exhibitor Booths
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • 24/7 Tech & Customer Support
  • Gamification

Accelevents members are creative thinkers and performers— right from offering excellent customer service to making virtual events a better place to discover, embrace, educate, inspire, and motivate. 


Bizzabo is an amazing virtual event platform that you can use for hosting your virtual award show to deliver a memorable experience to your attendees. Bizzabo can manage everything right from enrollments, agenda management to analytics.

Bizzabo provides you with the versatility needed to organize virtual award shows with the right features and an excellent interface. Besides this Bizzabo also offers valuable event data and associated insights for every unit. It will help you make data-driven determinations that will stimulate business outcomes.


Hopin is a brilliant virtual event platform that can become an ideal partner in taking your award show online. It offers several tactical approaches to engage with attendees through virtual networking tables, chat features, gamification, and a lot more.

Hopin is considered an all-in-one platform that allows users to create, plan, and host both live events and pre-recorded events for approximately 100,000 attendees.

Hopin provides the basics, like quizzes, live polls, Q&As, surveys, and customizable branded sessions, but what sets it different from other platforms is the uprightness of its event schedule tool. This beneficial tool is a great way of planning virtual award shows with different speakers sessions.


It is one of those virtual event platforms, created to promote deep engagement and deliver more prominent business results. To execute your virtual award show in the right direction Hubilo fosters engagement backed with 24/7 tech and customer support. We understand that it is important to integrate the company’s branding and messaging throughout the event platform. Hubilo’s versatile series of custom and flexible branding skills empower you to expand your brand while presenting your messaging in the right direction.

Final Word

Virtual award shows are extremely important to showcase your brand values. Therefore, to convert this occasion into an excellent opportunity where you can build new connections and get qualified leads- first and foremost – choose your virtual venue partner wisely to make things fall in place.

Looking for your one-stop virtual event platform to host your online award show? No worries! 

Get in touch with one of the best virtual venue partners, Dreamcast to create remarkable experiences at the event.

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