Udyog aadhaar registration online. Process, documents required, benefits, memorandum

The udyog aadhar registration is a completely online and cost free procedure. It is a huge boost for the country small and medium enterprise and we have outlined the complete registration process below.

Aadhar registration for udyog.

The government of india has launched the udyog aadhaar registration process in order to support small scale industry in the country. However udyog aadhaar registration is now being moved to udyam registration. The micro, small and medium enterprise have to apply for udyam registration to obtain the benefits provided to micro, small and medium enterprise by the government.

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Earlier if you wished to start a business and get small scale industry registration and micro, small and medium enterprise registration, you need to go through a lot of paperwork. You need to fill two forms. Entrepreneur memorandum one and entrepreneur memorandum two. The udyog aadhar registration was initiated to simplify the micro, small and medium enterprise registration. Industry that registered with udyog aadhar were eligible for a variety of government programme including subsidy and simple loan approval.

Currently the industry and entrepreneur having udyog aadhaar registration have to migrate to udyam registration to obtain the benefits provided to micro, small and medium enterprise by 31st of december, 2021. If the entrepreneur do not migrate to udyam registration then their udyog aadhaar memorandum will not be valid and they need to re register under udyam portal for obtaining the benefits provided to micro, small and medium enterprise.

Udyog aadhaar memorandum.

Udyog aadhaar memorandum is the registration form wherein the micro, small and medium enterprise certifies its existence and provides mandatory information such as the owner aadhar details and bank account details. After submitting this form an acknowledgement form with the applicant unique udyog aadhaar number is sent to the applicant registered email address. There is no requirement for any accompanying paperwork because this is a self declaration form.

The registration process for udyog aadhaar.

The small and medium scale enterprise owner needed to fill a one page form that he could do either online and offline. The applicant has to go to the official website to register online.

Individual registration was required if someone wanted to register for more than one industry.

In this form the micro, small and medium enterprise had to self certify its existence details of the business activity and bank account as well as ownership and employment details as well as other information.

During the registration process the person must present his self certified certificate.

As previously stated there was no registration charge for this process.

After filling out the information and submitting it a registration number will be generated and sent to you at the email address given in the udyog aadhaar memorandum which should contain unique udyog aadhaar number.

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Benefits of udyog aadhar registration.

After registering their micro, small and medium enterprise the applicant will receive the benefit of all the government scheme such as an easy loan and loan without guarantee as well as  loan with subsidized rates of interest .

The applicant will be given financial assistance in order to participate in international trade shows and display their products.

In addition the applicant will be entitled for government assistance.

The registration would make it easier to create a current bank account in the company name.

It would also allow enterprise to apply for government micro business loans and other similar programmes.

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