Visit Bengal Tour Plans To Explore Shimlipal-A Thrilling Weekend Destination From Kolkata

Want to explore somewhere new this weekend? With Bengal Travel Plan, you can explore a great weekend destination from Kolkata some new place outside of your usual repertoire if you’ve been feeling like there’s nothing left worth exploring. Why not plan a weekend in Simlipal? Located near Kolkata and part of the Mayurbhanj District in Odisha, home to wild animals such as tigers and elephants (which make for great sightseeing), Simlipal National Park is definitely an experience worth having!

Shimlipal- The Most Exciting Thrilling Weekend Getaway From Kolkata

Have you been planning your next weekend trip to Shimlipal National Park in Odisha ever since the work week started? This nearby tourist weekend destination from Kolkata is home to many different kinds of wild animals like tigers, elephants, and bears as well as several amazing waterfalls! Located in the Mayurbhanj District of Odisha, this destination from Kolkata will make your time worth it. Be sure to take a camera with you for all those animal sightings.

Have you been planning your next weekend trip over the past few days because now that another tough work week has passed by; why not pack some cool clothes and go explore Shimlipal National Park near Kolkata? You’ll be thrilled at how beautiful a place it is located within Mayurbhanj.

Charm That Attracts Tourist To Shimlipal- A Nearby Tourist Weekend Destination From Kolkata

Shimlipal, a weekend destination from Kolkata offers the ultimate experience for people looking to explore the wildlife and adventure offered by its dense forest. You can spot tigers and other wild animals during jungle safaris or while viewing the stunning waterfalls nearby. Shimlipal also has exciting things like nature walks where you get up-close with birds of different species who are known as regulars at this place!

You will never regret taking part in any one of these adventures on your trip here at these thrilling weekend getaways from Kolkata.

Book Our Weekend Tour Packages From Kolkata

If you would like to explore a new weekend destination from Kolkata, Shimlipal is the place for you. Bengal Tour Plans has weekend tour packages from Kolkata that are affordable and they will take care of everything! These wonderful tours include various off-the-beaten paths which make them perfect for exclusive locations that have never been explored before.


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