Why corporate finance as a career?

If you are looking to be at the center stage of any business finances and operations, then a career in corporate finance is for you. Corporate finance involves every financial activity that aims towards maximizing shareholders value, running a business and ensuring growth. 

Being a corporate financier is no joke. You might have to carry out a lot of activities including raising funds or capital, mergers and acquisitions, business restructuring, joint ventures financing and many more. It’s not surprising these roles attract awesome compensations as well. Hence, a career in corporate finance can be rewarding as well as challenging. 

Read on to know why you need to consider this exciting career and how you can get into it. 

What qualifications are required for a career in corporate finance

Although there is no hard and fast rule on the courses to take that can launch you into a career in corporate finance. But you will position yourself in a good light if you have a good academic background in finance, accounting, and economics. 

However, it goes beyond understanding finance basics. You can take your academics to the next level by taking CA (Chartered Accountancy), MBA with specialisation in finance or ICWA (Cost and Management Accountancy). 

There has also been a rise in the number of people taking financial modeling courses for competitive advantage. Corporate finance is a highly competitive course wherein chartered accountants, auditors, bankers are competing eyeing thesame position as you. There are also financial qualifications that will give you a hedge Hence, getting the required knowledge and certifications are essential. 

Who can work in corporate finance

To work in corporate finance, you must be someone that likes walking with numbers. As said earlier, corporate financiers are like a driver riding a company’s financial course towards its goals and objectives. This means this is something that requires diligence and given attention to details as any mistake made can result in loss. You will be at the forefront of raising capital, budgeting, monitoring of investors funds and so on. 

Moreover, you will also need to keep abreast of industry trends and market conditions. This means you must have a flair for business, how it works and the financial aspect in general. Not only that, you must enjoy meeting people and forming meaningful relationships that will benefit thr business. This will also help you when it comes to negotiation. 

Skills required for this field include:

Strategic and Commercial awareness

Analytical skills

Problem-solving skills

Communication skills

Numerical skills

Team player

Negotiation skills

Why should you consider a career in corporate finance 

There are various reasons why you should consider a career in corporate finance and this include:

You are open to a wide array of job positions:

Finance is an integral part of any business and corporate finance are one of the most sought-after across various industries.  You can also take up professsional roles in companies such as banks, investment firms, consulting firms, accountancy firms, institutions, corporate and many more. 

The career options are endless but the most prominent ones include:

Chief Financial Officer ( CFO)

Fund manager

Finance advisor

Investment Manager


Fund Manager

Financial Analyst

Cost Analyst

Credit Manager

You enjoy excellent salaries and job security

Corporate finance is among the highest-paying jobs in the society. Although salaries varies across the companies and industries, corperate financiers are still offered an excellent pay. Plus, professionals in this field commands high respect both in the industry and the society at large. They are highly paid depending on the company’s policies and work demands as well as employees experiences and certifications. 

You learn skills that are important for both personal and professional growth

The skills amd experiences acquired are not only important for organizational growth, but also life-boosting opportunities. You will understand investing and capital markets. Whether long term investments or short term, you will be able to identify better investment opportunities that will yeild returns. Afterall, these are what you have been helping organisations you are working with to achieve as a corporate financier. 

Not only that, you will have an understanding of how to analyse both companies financial performance and personal finance as well. You will know how to optimize time, energy and resources in achieving goals. These and many more are valuable life lessons that can never be taken for granted  


Corporate finance, no doubt, can be a rewarding career and it’s one career that is growing at a fast pace. This is owing to the growing need for seasoned financial professionals that can help businsess  compete well in a highly complex businsess world.

Pursing a career in corporate finance will require you to he proactive, a problem-solver, strategic and a host of othet soft skills. And when it comes to job opportunities, numerous doors are wide opened. 

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