Interesting Facts About Yoga You May Not Know

Yoga is a type of exercise that originated in the East a very long time ago. It is said to promote physical and mental well-being by focusing on strength, flexibility, and breathing. The well-known yoga postures and breathing practice are the two most important aspects of yoga.

It is believed that this form of exercise combined with ancient meditation can help the human body and the soul. In the ancient texts, yoga is known to have healing powers. With rapid awareness about yoga in the west, we must know its roots and what it can help us achieve. It consists of several asanas that are helpful for both physical and mental well-being. 

Even with this newfound stature, yoga remains something mysterious and spiritual, and several myths surround the topic. There are several coupons available for them.

Health Benefits Of Yoga

Just like regular exercises, Yoga has several health benefits that extend beyond just physical health. Some of these are:

  • It increases your flexibility and strength
  • It helps with back pain
  • It reduces stress and anxiety
  • It helps you sleep because of the reduced stress. 
  • It reduces the possibility of heart-related diseases.

Things You Might Not Know About Yoga

There is a stigma that still surrounds Yoga. People find themselves being self-conscious often, which stops them from pursuing yoga and getting to know more about it. You might not know several things about yoga, and that can be not very comforting, but you have got to start somewhere. Here are some interesting facts about Yoga that you might not know:

  1. It is a versatile form of exercise

It is largely believed that Yoga consists of a series of complicated postures and only a very flexible person can perform. However, people do not know that there are more than 84 postures and asanas in Yoga that make the activity suitable for people with varying flexibility levels. So if you think that you cannot do Yoga because you are not flexible, you would be glad to know that Yoga offers various asanas that require minimum effort. What is more, is that it would help you perform complicated asanas by increasing your flexibility. 

  1. It helps increase your productivity level.

Yoga would help increase your concentration level, which in turn would make you more productive. Today, the world thrives on technology and chaos. The stress of reaching work on time, the stress of completing your assigned work, all of this results in you scrolling through your phone while procrastinating. Research proves that this results in a decrease in attention span. By making your stay in a certain position for some time, Yoga helps your mind focus on just one particular thing. This is a change from the otherwise hectic routine of everyday life and helps increase your concentration. 

  1. It is not an easy alternative for regular cardio.

Many people believe that Yoga is just an easy alternative to cardio, weights, and other western exercises. This is where you are faced with the difficult side of versatility. Yoga’s different postures, along with its strict routine, make it just as effective as any other exercise and, therefore, Yoga requires the same effort and determination as any other exercise. You must also keep in mind that Yoga is not a perfect replacement for other exercises and requires you to put your best into it. 

  1. It changes your posture permanently.

Everyone knows that yoga comprises several poses and stretches but did you know that yoga can permanently fix that crouch you have every time you sit? Yoga is an activity that helps you restore balance in your life, and these stretches are exactly that but for your posture. Practicing yoga and its asanas helps you get used to those postures that require you to keep your body straight. This, when done regularly, would help you sit in a good posture unconsciously, without you having to put any effort in and there are coupons for them!

  1. It is a really old practice.

You know that Yoga originated in the East and is a pretty old form of activity, but did you know exactly how old it is? The term  “yoga” was first used in the Rig Veda, written circa 1500 B.C. or even earlier. This helps you get even closer to the conclusion that yoga has been a part of human lives in the East for a long time. If you didn’t believe in Yoga or thought this was some religious, cultural myth that people still insist on believing, consider the facts before. Yoga is mentioned in an old text that simply goes on to prove its legitimacy and validity. Some old practices have more benefits than we can dream of!


There are many things that surround Yoga and it is quite impossible to know them all in theory so the important thing to do is, get started!

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