Substitute compensation for the old-age, disability or survivors pension in the medium premium regime

Obtain the recognition of the right to receive a substitute compensation (Single Payment), of:

Old-age: Members who, having reached the age to obtain the old-age pension, have not contributed the minimum number of weeks required, and declare their impossibility of continuing to contribute.

Disability: The member who at the time of invalidity has not met the requirements for the disability pension.

Survivors: The members of the family group who prove the quality of beneficiaries of the deceased member, who at the time of his death had not caused the right to the survivor’s pension.

Ecopetrol Times: the affiliate or causer who had worked at the service of Ecopetrol SA, whether or not having contributions to Colpensiones, may request the replacement compensation of the old-age, disability or survivors pension for those times before the administrator, the other contributions made to another Cash or fund are requested from said entity.

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