Give your walls a makeover

Painting is the act of applying paints on a solid surface. Painting the walls of your houses has so much to do with its beauty. You can create your dream home by rightly painting the exterior and interior of your house. Painting has aesthetic and functional benefits for your home. Painting your house can increase its value. Moreover, the paints protect the walls of your houses from natural damage such as rain, wind, snow, etc. Paint act as a protective shield for the siding of your house. It stops insects from infesting the exteriors of your house. So, give your walls a makeover to protect your house and make it look aesthetic. If you are in Canada, you should contact the best painting companies surrey area which provides their best painting services.

Things to consider before painting a house

  • Plan ahead: Whenever you want to get your house painted, plan it. Select that time of the year when the weather is dry. This is because the paint needs time to dry. If the surfaces are wet, the paint will not adhere to them.
  • Quality over price: You should invest in better quality paints. Focus on quality over price. Better quality paints tend to last longer. 
  • Sand and wash: Before painting, make sure that the surface is clean as paint does not adhere to the dirty and rough surfaces. Let the surface dry and then sand it before painting to create a solid surface to paint.
  • Avoid Rotten surface: The surfaces to be painted should not be rotted. Otherwise, it would be worthless to paint. In the rotted areas either replace it with a new component or use a wood hardener and match it with a wood filler.
  • Use primer: Always use a good coat of primer and then sand the wall before applying paints. These days, paint and primer are combined in one product. So, this helps to decrease the number of coats to be applied. This new paint is costlier but better than purchasing separate paint and primer. 
  • Combine paints: To ensure that a uniform color coat is applied on the wall, mix multiple cans of the same color into a large container. This is an important step and is followed by the pros.
  • Top to bottom: Always paint from top to bottom. This helps to control the streaks. The main advantage is that it is in the direction of gravity.
  • Seal it off: Always close the paint containers properly to prevent the paint from drying out. Use plastic film wrap to ensure a tight seal.
  • Add grit: Add a little amount of sand with a coat of paint on the floors and steps to add traction. Play sand and other additives are also added to provide texture.
  • Prep the landscape: Make sure to cover the ground or bushes below the area which is being painted. To protect the items from getting paint, use drop cloths.

These are all the things to consider before painting the exteriors of the house. So, what’s keeping you from making your homes look aesthetic. Book surrey painting contractors if you are living in surrey. They provide the best painting services and help you create your dream home.

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