What is a vision board, and how to create a giant one?

What is a vision board, and how to create a giant one?

A vision card is:

  • A visual reminder of what you want to achieve or manifest in your life.
  • Personal for you and what takes advantage of your emotions.
  • Created by you, generally, from pictures you find in publications or online
  • A daily reminder of where to focus and what to work on
  • An enjoyable excuse to be intelligent and creative

I recently started a mini sketchbook on a blank Moleskine, and it looks like the scrapbook version of the lazy woman – you fill it with cool stuff that you love and can take it out to contemplate in your spare time. You can use it as a daily vision book to keep those things you want to achieve and acquire at the forefront of your mind, giving you a total law of attraction. Right? The things we choose to think about the most are the things we attract into our lives. So even if you don’t like the Law of Attraction, you can see the benefits of focusing on what you want is the cool drawing ideas.

Sometimes, however, it is necessary to have those things available at a glance. Sometimes it’s not even enough to be able to take it out of your bag every time you need it. So I decided to spend a delicious morning in my studio, with a ton of iced green tea, playing podcasts, nifty materials scattered all over the floor, and creating a giant whiteboard to hang on the wall. That way, I could put many images on one surface, happily mixed, and I can see them all the time when I’m at work. Of course, if you don’t want to make a giant display board, you can use regular cardstock or cut a piece of cardstock in half. Or go to the Moleskine trail and add as you find visual inspiration.

How to make a vision board

What is a vision board

I like to take a pile of magazines and leaf through them, cutting out everything that positively catches my attention: colors, shapes, people, words, textures, art, exciting objects, healthy and nutritious food, and beautiful spaces. Do not overthink. You can get rid of the mediocre stuff later. You can choose to focus on a specific area of ​​your life right now or seek a generally positive atmosphere. I like to do everything at once. Then, after cutting everything, I usually separate the pieces into stacks of similar subjects.

So I do a rough layout on my billboard to see how it all fits together. These stacks are usually divided because I like to organize the most significant pieces and fill in the blanks with smaller images. In general, I’ll try to keep them together, but generally, the composition of the whole board wins out, and I put the photos where they look good with other images. Do what feels good: glue the pieces together at random, working on the board at the same time, or you can be more calculated about it and keep the board areas thematic.

More vision board ideas

Feel easy to draw or print on the food or photos too. Add stickers! Oh, labels! Or glue the colored cardstock pieces onto the cardstock first to work with a more outlined background. Alternatively, you can use a giant framed cork board as a display board, so you can swap and move images more efficiently.

It would be an amusing idea for a women’s work night, right?

Ideas for areas of interest on a vision board:

  • Organization
  • Attention
  • Eat healthily
  • creativity
  • Home
  • Exercise
  • to write
  • To start a business
  • Social life
  • love
  • Using your vision board

You can keep it hanging on the wall while you talk to it. Then, once you stop looking at it, or it no longer gives you an emotional boost, takes it off, covers it with new photos, or move it to a new location. The key to making these vision cards work is that they need to fill you with strong positive emotions when you look at them. Whatever you put on the board should resonate deeply with you. For example, if you’ve cut out a photo of a woman doing the most incredible yoga pose ever, and when you look at it, you realize you don’t even want to do yoga, cover it up.

Make sure you take time each day to look at your board. And not just a cursory glance. Sit back and watch that thing for a good 5 minutes. Immerse yourself in it, really feel like you are in that mountain retreat or spending your days writing a novel in your light-filled office, with your yellow lab asleep at your feet. Say the words out loud if you like, turn them into affirmations, and enjoy hearing yourself say what you want as if it were true now. (You will start to feel like a freak talking to yourself.)

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