How To Make Money From Your Business Instagram Page

Have you noticed how many Instagrammers can only make money with everyday content that they publish? This is a common trend as Instagram is one of the few social platforms that rewards content sharing. In addition, Instagram is constantly updating the app, so the user uses even more of it to upload valuable content for IG users.

If you are a business or brand owner, you can enjoy the same benefits that Instagram makes money for your business. You can learn everything from the regular Instagram users as they have already built an audience around the content YOU produce. Instagrammers have also discovered reach and influence, two things that many businesses are struggling with. You can also use BestFollowers.Uk for the best of your business and profile growth on twitter.

This article provides some tips on how to set up and organize your business or branded Instagram account.

Make a list of your competitors

To make money on Instagram, knowing your competition is essential in order to understand your company’s full profile. Are you looking closely at how they interact with their followers and what type of content is getting the most engagement?

REMEMBER that it is better to work with your competitors than to constantly steal each other’s social attention. Try to interact with your competitors often and exchange shoutouts whenever possible. However, not all brands and bloggers have the time to work with YOU, even if you are offered to get paid on Instagram, keep looking!

Also, make sure to mention your competitors in your post captions, they could simply respond with a comment or similar reply. In these cases, your post has a better chance of getting rated as a Shepherd in the user’s feed.

Create a bio

One of the first things Instagram users notice about your business page is your bio. Describe your brand or company in 150 characters. Using the AIDA concept (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) guarantees you a great bio and arouses interest so that your potential followers want to scroll down and see your content.

Don’t forget to add a link to your official website in your bio as this is the best place to get their attention. If you have a personal hashtag for your brand, mention it too. The use of emoji‚Äôs will vary depending on your niche and audience, so make sure they are appropriate for your followers. And don’t forget the main message or motto your business is conveying, it is a powerful boost to Instagram sales growth and money making. Increase Instagram followers with these high recommended tips and strategies.

Choose a theme

In order to take your Business Page performance seriously and continue to make money on Instagram, you need to stick to a specific topic of your posts. This could be the color palette or the photo style of the general view of your IG Page to make your feed look unique.

Share a story or an experience

Aside from wanting to learn more about you or your brand, Instagram users want to be entertained, inspired, and informed. Everything you share with your target audience can be linked to the usual business that you or your company are offering. People will be more than interested to hear some of your personal experiences or challenges and how you exceeded them.

You can start by telling a brief story about how your business started, and you can use photos from days gone by to express vivid emotions. Even sad stories and failures will fuel follower engagement as everyone is human and supports you or your business.

As you can see, making money on Instagram is a little more complex than populating an Instagram account with product photos. It’s about creating an experience for your prospects and connecting with your followers.

Update your feed regularly

Creating a stunning Instagram feed is key to creating beautiful content that will make you money on Instagram. The one and only responsible for making your photos more up to date and unique is you. Make sure to use all the apps and filters available to make your post sparkle and get more user interaction. Remember that using filters isn’t always the way to go when you’re going to take photos with one professional camera (which we strongly recommend), then editing in Photoshop is all you need. Using the right color schemes creates more engagement. These are cool, earthy tones like blue, green and beige. If you’re building your personal brand and not managing your company’s account, then selfies are definitely the focus of your Instagram feed. Never post content that you are not 100% satisfied with. Make each post look like you’ve worked on it all day.

We very much hope these few tips provide inspiration on how to monetize your business on Instagram. Follow and get more and better insights on how to make money on Instagram.

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