Asus vs HP Laptops – Which Brand to Choose

A difference of 50 years, however, both are equally young and lively! It’s a Grandfather vs Grandson adventure for you. It’s “Asus vs HP” for you.

Asus and HP both were established in 1989, while the other was founded 50 years from 1939 are, despite such a huge age gap, equally dominating the market for computers.

HP HP, one of the most innovative computing and tech companies worldwide has managed to build its name and reputation. It is an essential name to mention when discussing computers. Check the price of Replacing laptop screen online

However, Asus is going neck-to-neck with this 82 year old beast thanks to its unbeatable high-end motherboards and other parts with eye-catching designs, top price for customers with low budgets also, and a lot more. It’s also the most enduring gaming enthusiast’s dream with the “ROG – gaming laptop series”.

In the end, the question is, how do you choose which brand is the most effective when there are only these two brands that you’ve had to go in the position of making your purchase?

Here’s how. Take a look at this comprehensive and unbiased comparison of these two products and you’ll feel more confident about your choice of purchase.

Asus and HP


The company was originally founded as an OEM manufacturer of equipment founded established by four previous Acer engineers, in the year 1989. ASUSTeK Computer Inc. is a Taiwan-based technology and computer company with its headquarters at New Taipei City, Taiwan.

While I’m only going to write about its presence in the market of computers (laptop) segment, nevertheless it’s important to note that the fact that the company’s first venture in the role of OEM OEM has, till date given it an advantage over all of its competitors as the company produces high-quality innards and, as a result, for similar specs has been doing quite well in terms of pricing.

In addition to offering many different products such as workstations, computers, motherboards, mobiles and other parts, and so on, Asus is phenomenal when it comes to laptops, and particularly those gaming laptops that are fighting fit.

Its TUF and ROG laptops are dominant in the gaming industry, and are absolutely unbeatable in their own as are they are the VivoBook, ZenBook, lots of Chromebooks 2-in-1 laptops and so on. are among the other notable features offered by Asus.


One of the most storied and perhaps pioneering names in the field of technology and just a little older to IBM, HP i.e. Hewlett Packard, is an American “multinational information technology company” was founded around 1939 by the two brothers “Bill Hewlett” and “David Packard” located situated in Palo Alto, California.

The company’s headquarters are in California the company was also the first maker of various components for computers, including software and hardware as well as other software components. The company began to enter the field of computer technology in the mid-sixties. Since the time, it has become an iconic name for computer enthusiasts and has made been a major contributor to the computer industry to what it is currently.

In the end, if we talk about laptops, HP’s company is home to a range of awe-inspiring models. Its flagships are the Envy and Spectre are two primarily business-oriented laptop series from HP that include a variety of premium convertible, feature-packed laptops. On the other hand, the Pavilion as well as the Omen series are able to offer gamers who are awestruck.

Asus vs HP – Comparison

HP is certainly a tech-savvy group who have years of experience and has through the years, gaining an unrivalled reputation, however Asus is also certainly not lagging in this race.

If you look at it from a holistic perspective there are a lot of similarities between the two. HP is well-known as a respectable and professional-looking company, Asus is an unbeatably well-known brand in the world of gaming. HP is a great choice if it equips its laptops with appealing design and looks, Asus too ensures an elegant appearance for its laptops.

So, regardless of what it is, if you want to invest large sums of money, you will have a top-quality machine regardless of which model you pick.

When it comes to comparing between two brands there are some factors to think about so that selecting one of these two brands is much. For the two brands I’ll be comparing their performance with respect to.

After-Sale Support


At Asus there are a lot of the laptops covered by a comprehensive and substantial warranty for the battery and other parts of the hardware. In the event of problems, even though the team is praised for being well-organized and gentle, you’ll find it difficult to get answers to your questions.

The online presence of the company, i.e. web site and social media platforms etc. is far more helpful than the support phone. The company, however, is not the best in terms of after-sales customer support.


HP is also regarded as that it is not up to scratch in terms of after-sales support they offer i.e. you’ll be exhausted calling HP’s customer service center. Many customers around the globe have complained about HP’s customer support.

In addition to providing laptops with an assurance of one year The company is also praised for its speedy repair and shipping services when you are able to send them your damaged device. HP is also known for having a strong online presence , but HP’s strength lies in its speedy repair services in comparison to Asus.

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