Netflix: how much it costs, subscription prices, membership and how it works

How much Netflix costs: here is the price list of the various subscriptions and how the registration and cancellation of the platform works to watch movies, series and documentaries in streaming.

Subscribing to Netflix today is essential to be able to watch some of the most beautiful and popular movies and series in streaming. With over 200 million subscribers worldwide. Netflix was ​​the most popular streaming platform of 2021, in constant competition with other services such as Amazon Prime Video or Disney +.

Netflix: price, membership and how it works

  •  How much does Netflix cost: prices and subscriptions
  •  How it works and registration
  •  How to pay for the subscription
  •  Netflix: is there a free trial?
  •  Cancel Netflix

How does Netflix work and how much Netflix cost ? The platform provides for registration through different subscription plans, with variable prices depending on the type chosen.

The Netflix prices have changed over time: recently increased again and is no longer possible to use the free trial for a month. However, the service is flexible: those who no longer want to pay for the Netflix subscription can cancel or terminate the subscription, reactivating the subscription at another time with the same email address used once.

A Netflix subscription always lasts at least 30 days after which automatic renewal is always provided. Netflix also allows you to download content on PCs, smartphones and tablets so you can watch them without having to be connected to the Internet.

The Netflix catalog is not the same in all countries of the world and Italian users in Italy can only see what Netflix offers them from time to time. In fact, every month the Netflix catalog is updated and introduces new series, seasons, films and documentaries.To watch them, just subscribe to one of the 3 plans made available by Netflix and log in with your Netflix account.

How much Netflix costs: prices and subscriptions

The new Netflix costs from October 2021 are as follows:

  • Basic Plan at € 7.99 per month
  • Standard plan at € 12.99 per month
  • Premium plan at € 17.99  per month

The Basic Plan is the cheapest plan but also the one with the most limitations. You can’t watch Netflix on two devices at the same time, you can only download content on one device, and there’s no HD or Ultra HD viewing.

The Standard Plan , which costs € 12.99 per month, allows you to watch Netflix on two devices at the same time, download content on two smartphones or tablets and is available in HD.

Finally, with the Premium Plan, you can watch Netflix on 4 screens simultaneously in HD and Ultra HD, and download content on 4 devices. But to have all this you have to pay almost 18 euros per month.

These prices are valid for new subscribers from October 2, 2021, while users who were already Netflix subscribers prior to the rate rescheduling received an email notification 30 days prior to the price change.

Netflix: how does it work? Registration and activation

To use Netflix and watch TV series, films and documentaries, you must obviously subscribe. Just go website or app and enter your email address and click on the red “Get Started” button. From here the procedure for subscribing to Netflix and logging in with Account and Password will open. These credentials can also be used by the Netflix app available for iOS and Android and for enabled Smart TVs.

After entering your data, choosing your username and password and Netflix subscription plan, it also asks for the data relating to the valid payment method that can be associated with a card from which the service will deduct the money monthly.

Netflix, how to pay for your subscription

Once you have signed up for Netflix and chosen your plan, you will be billed each month on the day corresponding to the registration date. For example, if you signed up for Netflix on October 4th, your money will be deducted on November 4th.

Netflix accepts credit cards and debt , provided that enabled Internet transactions. You can pay Netflix with Visa, MasterCard, Postepay and American Express, prepaid cards , Netflix gift cards and virtual cards .


If trying to access Netflix with your account the error message “Your account is suspended due to a problem with your last payment” appears, it means that Netflix was unable to collect the amount due for some reason: yours. the card did not have enough money to pay for the subscription, or it has expired , the bank has not approved the monthly charge, the payment details registered on the site do not match those registered with the bank.

To solve the problem you need to update the payment method by going to your account on Manage payment details.Alternatively, a backup payment method can be added .

Netflix: is there a free trial?

Netflix has removed the free trial for new subscribers: this means that those who activate a Netflix account for the first time must choose one of the subscription plans according to their needs and how much they want to spend, and there is no longer the possibility to cancel. the service after a free use of the service for 30 days.

However, there are ways to save on the cost of Netflix: share the subscription with other people and spend less, or you can opt for one of the Tim and Vodafone offers with Netflix included.

Cancel Netflix: how to cancel your subscription

Just as it’s easy to sign up for Netflix, it’s also easy to cancel the service. You can cancel Netflix at any time, and without having to contact a call center. When we subscribe to Netflix, in fact, there are no long-term contracts or penalties for cancellation.

At the end of the first payment, the automatic renewal of the subscription is set . This means that, if you do not want to renew Netflix every month, you should proceed immediately with the cancellation otherwise you could forget about it. All you need to do to cancel Netflix is ​​to turn off automatic renewal before it expires .

Proceed as follows: log in to Netflix and scroll the screen to “Account”. Click on it and go to the section “Subscription and billing” > “Cancel subscription” . Click on “Confirm” and “Complete the cancellation”, and go back to your account.

If one day you want to reactivate Netflix because your favorite series starts, you can do it easily by re-entering your account data and paying the chosen subscription plan at the end of the month.

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