Power bank for smartphones: which one to buy?

Are you afraid that your phone will download just when you need it? The best solution is to buy a smartphone power bank. Let’s see which one to choose.

Are you often away from home for work and are you afraid that your phone will run out of power at any moment, leaving you in trouble? The solution is definitely to buy a power bank , a portable charger that can save you in these emergency situations.

The power bank is an accessory to always carry with you in order to have a “second battery” for your phone at hand. Although it may seem easy to choose for the purchase of the portable charger, it is not.

Several elements must be taken into consideration, first of all the use that will be made of the charger. Another very important factor to take into consideration when you have to buy a power bank is the battery capacity of the smartphone, based on this in fact you will need to choose the capacity of the portable charger.

Let’s see what are the power banks to buy online.

Power bank: which one to buy?

QC4.0 dual port power bank, can quickly charge 2 mobile phones at the same time. Fast mobile charging up to 100% within 1.5 hours. It supports solar charging and therefore allows you to save energy.

Solar Power Bank 30800mah, 15W Wireless Qi Portable Charger

Amazon.co.uk: € 31.95BUY NOW

A super portable battery with seven days of autonomy thanks to 20000mAh), perfect for recharging not only tablets and smartphones but also small technological accessories such as airpods.

Power Bank 20000mAh, INIU 20W PD3.0 QC4.0 Super Fast Charge

Amazon.co.uk: € 28.99BUY NOW

Ultra compact and comfortable for those who are always on the go . With dimensions of 8.4 × 8.4 × 2.8 (cm) and a weight of 270 g. The power bank is able to adapt the speed according to the device being charged.

MOXNICE Power Bank 20000mAh Powerbank

Amazon.co.uk: € 37.99BUY NOW

For those looking for a portable power bank for every day or for travel this is definitely a good choice: capacity is 5000mAh, small size and light weight, convenient to carry and suitable for everyday life, travel and meetings.

PowerBank Slim 2 Mini 5000mAh

Amazon.co.uk: € 10.99BUY NOW

Dock and charge , just attach the back of the phone to the power bank and the charging will begin. Works with magnetic covers and iPhone devices.

Amazon.co.uk: € 36.99BUY NOW

For those looking for a high-performance battery, the advice is to buy Baseus: 30000mAh can provide almost 10 days of energy. The power bank can charge an iPhone up to 10 times on one charge.

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