How to hang Buddha wall painting at our home

It is true that Art Lovers have strong inclination towards religious artworks and paintings. People do have the depiction of life events of deities. Some famous religious paintings are of Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Durga, Kali, etc. Amongst all, Lord Bhdha, appears to be the enlightened and aware one. Moreover, Buddha paintings are typical for Indian people in offices, restaurants, coffee houses, hotels, homes, etc. Thus, the penetration of pictures of Buddha paintings is quite deep in Indian culture.

Impact of Budhha Paintings in your House

Artworks that bring serenity are ideal for adorning the home space. The impeccable paintings of Buddha bring happiness and optimism.

That is why many artists are drawing the face of Buddha wall painting in their contemporary artifacts, sculptures, and paintings because such pieces are always in demand. People in India also look out for Vastu Shastra paintings and Vastu photo frames.

The enhancing pictures and artworks Buddha appears to perfect for enriching Vastu. It brings properity, luck and happiness.

However, you must be careful about Gautam Buddha painting Vastu so that you do not weigh down its positive energy. Even in abstract and modern paintings, Gautam Buddha photos or depiction is quite common. Going through a selection of the best images of Lord Buddha, you would indeed find the paintings that are otherwise abstract or contemporary but have Buddha’s face as the point of focus. In conclusion, mainly, these paintings and images of Gautam Buddha represent the perfect contentment that our soul seeks peace and serenity in today’s bustling world.

Vastu Guidelines to place your Budhha paintings:

Your peaceful abode should symbolize what you believe. A Buddha is a clear representation of tranquility and calmness. Vastu experts suggest placing the Buddha in your home to maintain a positive and peaceful vibe. We all have seen versatile Buddha statues placed elegantly at beautifully furnished houses. As per Vastu, placing the Buddha at different places in your home can have a huge impact on your mental health and inner peace. One possible reason could be consistency and the correct state of mind.

However, to make sure you place the right kind at the right place, pay close attention to the tiny details mentioned here.

  1. At the entrance: Whenever we visit someplace, we stop at the entrance. Placing a Buddha painting that portrays a blessing image at the door of your house will keep all the hostile forces outside. The meaning of the protection mudra is that one hand gives blessings, and the other protects the surroundings. However, always remember to keep the Buddha above three-four feet from the ground, never place the Buddha on the floor.
  2. In the living room: According to Vastu, placing a reclining Lord Bhdha towards the right, facing the west, can fetch peace and harmony to your home. Place it on a shelf or a clean table to represent your inner beliefs and state of mind. People will automatically witness the serene statue, consider you a peaceful person and feel at ease.
  3. In the Garden: If you love walking in your garden on a peaceful evening, adding a Buddha is essential. At first, search for a meditating Buddha and place it in a clean corner of the garden, Vastu. After you’ve done that, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed when you take a stroll in your beautiful garden. You can also add scented candles to seek better inner peace while meditating.
  4. Pooja Room: Many Buddhist people place the meditating Buddha artifact in the room they pray. It gives out positive energy and relaxes, and helps them concentrate better. You can put yours in the corner facing East, as it represents eternal knowledge and enlightenment. This will help you achieve peace and calm and also maintain the aura. However, remember to put it at eye level. Make sure you never place the enlightened Guru below eye level.
  5. Wall near the entrance: This is the best place to hang a hand-painted picture of Lord Bhdha. Hanging a painting will give a civilized look and will create an aura of peace in your House. But, as per Vastu, remember that Buddha’s painting should always be facing inside the House.
  6. In the Study: Different Buddha poses and gestures have different meanings. For academic success, put a small head of Buddha or reclining Buddha at the corner of the table facing the east.
  7. On a bookshelf: First, laughing Buddha isn’t the same as Gautam Buddha. However, the laughing Budhha also symbolizes peace and happiness and is a good artifact.  You must place it in the east direction in the bookshelf to prosper laughs and smiles in your House.

Do’s and Don’ts of placing a Budhha painting:

  • Always place the Lord Bhdha painting in a clean place as it has a better chi than a room full of wires, rubbish, or unwashed utensils.
  • Never place the painting below eye level as it is disrespectful
  • Do not place a Buddha statue on the floor or somewhere near your feet
  • Never place a buddha figurine in a safe or a vault
  • You can either keep it on your desk or in a clean corner of the house.
  • The yoga room is also an ideal location for the placement of Buddha
  • The position of Budhha’s hands are also significant.
  • Oval shape Buddha signifies inward calmness

How to use Budhha Paintings to seek prosperity and Luck?

One must keep Lord Bhdha Wall Paintings at home if you wish to seek fortune and prosperity. Check out which Budhha Paintings can help you to attract propersity and good luck.

Meditating Budhha

No doubt, there are various Buddha Paintings  but the one which is immensely peaceful and serene is meditating Buddha. The statue will surely attract optimistic and positive vibes and energy. Make sure you do place it in the northeast

Protection Buddha Statue

This signifies sittings or standing Buddha. It appears like Buddha is showering blessings. One can keep the statue at the entrance of your house. You can keep at the door to remove all the negative energy.

Praying Buddha Statue

It is like Buddha sitting in a lotus pose and hands folded. You can keep this statue at the eye level and at the praying room. Never place the Lord Buddha statue on the floor. Also, do not keep it near any gadgets or appliances. Make sure you do place it in the east direction. The statue must face inside the room as a result to bring good fortune.

Read this blog if you do have any doubts associated with Lord Bhdha paintings. Therefore, Go through this blog if you wish to clarify all your confusions and bring good luck and fortune.

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