How to Make Use of Facebook Stories to Grow your business in 2021

Stories are now an integral component of Facebook and even if you’re using it to promote your business you’re not getting more engagement with your customers!

This is why we’ve created this complete guide that will explain everything you need be aware of Facebook Stories and how you can make use of them to build your brand, such as:

If you’re able to stay until the end we’ll also be sharing tried-and-tested techniques and tips to aid you in increasing the engagement of your Facebook.

Let’s go!

1. What exactly are Facebook Stories and why should you be using them?

Facebook Stories is a collection of vertical images and videos which disappear after 24 hours and are shown on the right side of the Facebook news feed.

You can see Facebook Stories of your friends by clicking their profile images or on the Stories show in your news feed. The Stories will be displayed in full-screen and If there are several Stories they will be played one after the other. You can tap each Story to play quicker or move to the following account, just swipe left.

If you’re trying to figure out how to see Facebook Stories on your desktop It’s the same as using the mobile application. The Stories shown in the upper right corner of your feed.

Because Stories are always displayed at the front page of your feed Your followers are more likely to engage with your content via Stories when compared to feed posts that are regular. Moreover, if you are gonna meet the target audience, here are the best site to buy Twitter followers Uk for you and for your business.

Let’s take a look at the requirements and guidelines you have to follow in order to upload your Stories to Facebook.

2. Facebook Stories Specifications

Are you ready to begin creating Facebook Stories?

Here are some requirements and guidelines that you must be aware of before beginning to create stories on your Facebook page:

A. Facebook Stories Resolutions

The best size for Facebook Stories is 1080 x 1920 pixels and an aspect ratio of 9.16 . If you upload content that isn’t in this size, Facebook will either crop or zoom in on your content.

B. Facebook Stories Duration

Facebook video stories can be up to 20 seconds. If you’re planning to display ads in this format you’ll be able make video stories that be up to 15 minutes.

C. Facebook Stories File Formats

The formats that are accepted for images uploaded to Facebook Stories are JPEG, PNG, GIF and if you are uploading video, ensure that the file is either in MOV, MP4, or GIF format. Facebook will restrict the size of the files to a maximum size of 4GB.

NOTE: If you want to more deeply dive into the specs and guidelines for all other Facebook advertising formats and formats, check out the quick reckoner which will help you get up to speed quickly.

3. How to post Facebook Stories?

The easiest method to share Stories to Facebook is via your mobile application. Follow these steps:

First step Step 1: Open Facebook on your mobile. Click to “Create Story” on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 2: You can upload an existing image or video clip from your camera roll or clock the white circle that has the camera icon to take an image or video in real time.

You can also utilize various methods to create exciting videos to share on your Stories on Facebook such as super zoom and boomerang. Looking for buying Instagram followers or want to increase your Facebook likes at instant speed? Here are some sites that can help you to boost. Visit BestFollowers.Uk.

Let’s review the 5 types of presets you can create Facebook Stories:

(1) Normal

This lets you take photos to use in Facebook Stories. If you are a business or brand, you can make use of this feature to display your products, advertise new promotions or announcements. It is also possible to make use of this feature to record a video by tapping and holding the white recording button.

(2) Video

In contrast to the normal setting, it don’t need to hold and tap to record video. When you are in Video mode, you can simply tap and hold to record a video. Video option you just need to tap on the white circle to begin recording videos.

NOTE: Facebook will allow users to record videos for just 20 seconds. If you create an entire video longer than 20 minutes long, it will then be broken up into several stories.

(3) Boomerang

This mode lets you capture photos in bursts and play them in loop. If you are a company or brand you can utilize this feature to showcase your product’s capabilities.

(4) Superzoom

It lets you zoom in on a specific subject by using a variety of zoom settings and effects. This is the most effective preset for when you need to showcase specific features or information regarding your products. See how this style appears when you use it on Facebook Stories in the example below.

(5) Layout

This feature lets you create collages with different layout options in an enjoyable personal way. If your business offers many offerings, it are able to quickly create a collage to present the services that you provide.

Step 3. Step 3: Browse through the suggested filters on Facebook and select one that is suitable to your specific needs. These filters will be available before recording, and they will appear when you click the white center Button.

Step 4. Step 4: Click on the Share to Story option to share your story on Facebook. Then, your Stories on Facebook are now online for the world to see and interact with.

How can I publish Multiple Stories at Once?

Facebook Stories allows you to publish multiple Stories simultaneously. This is great if are looking to engage your followers by offering a test or show them the steps to the best way to utilize your service using the use of a series of stories.

Here’s how to create multiple Story Stories on Facebook simultaneously:

Step 1: Click on the Create Story button and then click to select the Multiple option. Select the photos and videos you would like to add to the Facebook Story. After you’ve selected the images and videos Click Next.

Step 2. Step 2: You can edit every one of the Stories using Edit. edit option. This allows you to add filters or stickers, text etc. After you’re happy you’re happy, click the Share to Story button.

Note If you do not remember to select the Select Multiple option You can start your story and then click the Add Story option to share more stories.

For businesses It can be difficult to find time every day to publish Facebook Stories. But, you can plan Facebook Stories through Facebook’s Business Suite tool. It is possible to use Business Suite as a mobile application or for your computer. Watch the following video to find out how to plan Facebook stories via Business Suite.

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