Does Mohammed bin Salman also buy Inter? What’s true

The Saudi PIF fund would be ready to pay 1 billion euros to the Zhang family to buy, after Newcastle, also Inter Milan: what is true in this sensational negotiation.

The news is one of those capable of revolutionizing Italian football: Mohammed bin Salman, the rich and controversial Saudi prince, after having just bought Newcastle, is now also in talks for Inter.

The news was launched by Libero, who speaks of a meeting that would have taken place in September between Suning and emissaries of the PIF fund (Public Investment Fund) controlled by bin Salman himself.

On the palate, there would be an offer from the Saudi fund of 1 billion euros, with the crown prince who would be very interested in Inter also for the story of the new stadium.

As known, the Zhang family, which has been the owner of the Milanese club since 2016, has recently been going through a period of economic difficulty and it is no mystery that the company is in fact for sale.

It remains to be seen now if there is the possibility that Mohammed bin Salman could become the next owner of Inter.

Prince bin Salman buys Inter?

In recent days, the news of the purchase, for 350 million euros, of 80% of the shares of Newcastle by Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman, has made headlines.

Just to understand who it is, bin Salman is the son of the current King Salman. Destined for the throne of Saudi Arabia as the crown prince, in 2017 at the age of 32 he became the youngest defense minister in the world.

His name has risen in the international news for the accusation of being the instigator of the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, while in Italy he is also known for his relationship with Matteo Renzi.

If bin Salman is credited with personal assets of over $ 5 billion, the PIF fund he controls would have a portfolio of $ 370 billion. This is why the purchase of Newcastle immediately made us think of an upcoming pharaonic transfer market by the English club.

As a result, the Newcastle fans dream but also those of Inter, given that a substantial agreement with Suning would have already been found for Libero, in a meeting that would have been held close to the Champions League match with Real, for the pharaonic figure of 1 billion euros.

The only hitch at the moment would be related to the stadium since the Saudis would like not only to build the new stadium they own but also other different skyscrapers in Milan. A strategy that clashes with the wishes of the mayor Beppe Sala fresh from re-election.

Suning recently obtained a $ 275 million loan from Oaktree Capital to meet its cash needs. If the loan is not honored within three years, Inter could do like Milan and end up in the hands of a fund. Then there is the 375 million bond issued by the Nerazzurri in 2017 and expiring in 2022 which must be refinanced.

In short, the Zhang family after the sunset of the Superliga hypothesis now needs to sell Inter, with bin Salman who could enter the elite of world football by buying a top club.

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