What if my dog ​​eats rat poison?

The poisoning of dogs by ingestion of rodenticides is one of the most frequent since this type of product is spread (sometimes without due precautions) in places where the presence of rodents is common. Gardens, parks, patios, near the garbage containers, which dogs like to sniff so much …

There are different types of rat poisons and the symptoms and the reaction and recovery period of the dog against poisoning in dogs depend on their composition. It is always serious and if you know that your dog has ingested any of these substances, you should go to the vet immediately.

The signs of rodenticide poisoning are variable. The dog may start vomiting within a few hours and show symptoms of dizziness or lack of coordination in his movements. In addition, most rodenticides include anticoagulant substances, so external or internal bleeding is one of the clear symptoms that the animal has ingested a poison of this type.

It can also happen that if your dog has been poisoned with rats, he is lethargic and does not want to eat. This prolonged lack of appetite, together with some type of bleeding: from the nose, from the mouth when vomiting, in the stool … they can end your life if you do not receive the proper treatment.

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