5 New Web Design Trends for 2022

Website is the prime branding element for any company. Your website identifies your product. It is also considered as the core idea of the brand. While designing website, it is important to decide the shape, font and colors of the website. Once you build strong image of your brand, you can change your website slightly but it takes time Your website design should not be adaptable, it has to be unique.

To design your website, hire a professional website designer who knows fundamental of website designing and also consumer behavior. An experienced website development agency can help you in a professional way and consult you if your idea conflict with the audience’ perception.

Website Adjustable in all Color Palette

Website is the first impression of any brand. People look at the packaging and branding of product before buying it.

Use bright, bold and loud colors to take hold of consumers’ attention. Do not use flat colors, it can be adaptable easily. Choses color transitions of same color family to differentiate from other brands.

Using more than 2 colors distract viewers and their brand recall towards your brand. Use less but attractive colors to make your consumers remember it whenever they see your brand and they can relate your teaser campaigns to your brand easily. Before giving final look to your website, put it on different color palettes to see if the website is decipherable in all background colors.

Broken Typography

Typography has a vast area to play with the letters. Break your letters in a creative way to give meaning to your brand. Make your viewer look twice and think about your brand later.
You can break A’s or straight letters to make and arrow and show the growth of your brand in this way.

Expressive textured letters

Use of serif and san serifs is important following any one form, illustrate letters according to the nature of your brand. If your brand nature is sweet and delicate, you can make it like that by soften the corners of letters. If you are a scuba driver, your website could be water textured.
You can give horror look to the letters if your brand relates to some dangerous element.

Symmetrical letters

Patterns and repetition eliminate the chance of replication. Simple sleek letters are so mainstream, use geometrical letters to change the look and feel of your website. Patterns create involvement of the viewers as they try to find the meaning behind it and are pleasant to eyes.
It also bring the homogeneity and empathy in all of your branding element.

Doodle your website

Best way to create emotional attachment and uniqueness in your website is to sketch it on the paper first.
Take a paper and draw whatever comes in your mind. Hand drawn websites are always unique and exclusive.

GIFs website for website

2022 will be the era of moving pictures. Play puzzle with your website. Make GIFS of your website. Replace and rearrange tagline, object or text in the GIF.
GIFs and animation always attract customers and it brings a bit of entertainment for them.

Bring revolution in website design by following the above creative ideas. Your website design agency should know how to manipulate your website according to the latest trend.

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