Sunknowledge is More Than a Medical Billing Services/Destination for Physician

Today maintaining a balanced life with assured delivers quality patient care, higher productivity and increased cash flow at the same time is not an easy chore. You need to be experienced as well as working hard to balance your medicine and business. In an average medical practice, more than 50 percent of the submitted claims are rejected and go in denial due to incorrect codes. In fact, inconsistent coding increases the risks of undercharging, overcharging and post-payment audit.

The medical billing services for physician are not all about submission of claims; the medical billing process for a physician billing is more than that. With several steps that needed to be taken care of but not limited to the data entry, checking of eligibility, verification of all codes, checking for transmission errors, checking codes, submitting timely claims, handling AR etc there are a lot in medical billing services. And Sunknowledge Services Inc is all about a billing destination more than just managing your claims.

Sunknowledge more than just a medical billing solution:

Capable of handling all your physicians billing pre and post billing activities effortlessly with accuracy, Sunknowledge today is the ideal destination for many leading names in this industry. In order to ensure optimized reimbursement, our expert analyzes your practice procedure and coders properly and works accordingly. Focusing on maximizing your collections and aiding you to get paid more and paid faster, our expert ensure continuous follow-up, excellent communication, are up to date with industry rules and mandates and work on all your loopholes constantly.

Working on all your denial and dramatically reducing your denial rate, our experts take care of misadjudicated claims, increasing your ROI. With a guaranteed highest first pass collection rate, we reduce your AR bucket and also your operational cost by 80 percent.

Taking care of all your medical billing gaps efficiently to improve your financial and operational performance, we working as your operational extension further help you with undivided attention for patient care and other administrative work, needs and practicing medicine.

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